Saturday, January 01, 2005

78 days and counting ...

There's no denying it: Will is damn cute, and we've been in the Neonatal ICU too long. How long? At this point, Phileas Fogg would almost be home by now from his 'round-the-world in 80 days caper. River otters could get wined and dined, impregnated and have a litter of little river otters. Hiking 10 miles a day, we'd have walked to Boston by now.

You get the point. It's been a while. So without further ado -- and in no particular order -- here's Mo's list of signs you've been in the NeoNatal ICU far too long.

1. You know the scrub colors of each employee in the NICU: blue for nurses; burgandy for respiratory therapists; purple for cleaning staff; and aquamarine for doctors.

2. The screen saver on the computer in your son's room is changed from "The patient is the center of all we do" to "Welcome to Will's Room."

3. The receptionists know you by name and begin phoning your child's room before you can even ask.

4. You've memorized the work schedule for the fat guy who comes every day to vacuum the carpets at 5 pm.

5. Without looking, you can recognize all four alarms in your child's room, from the dull ding-ding of the ventilator to the shrill beep of the temperature probe.

6. You know the quirks of all six neonatologists, and almost all have made you cry.

7. At least four rashes have broken out on your arms because of the required three-minute washes every time you enter the NICU.

8. The decorations on your baby's bedding has gone through four holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. We're eagerly awaiting the sheets with Valentine's hearts.

9. You've gone from being intimidated by all the sensors and monitors to being so adept at them you change the oxygen levels when the nurses aren't watching.

10. There are more books, decorations and old magazines in your son's hospital room than there are in your nursery at home.


Blogger Hedricks said...

The little guy looks in the photo like he's ready to walk right out of the hospital! What a cutie. Hope all is going well.

1:15 PM  

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