Friday, November 12, 2004

Weekly celebrations

Everybody likes Fridays. We like them a bit better. Every Friday since Will popped into the world, we've snuck goofy hats into the ICU and serenaded him with "Happy Birthday." I'm sure we'll tire of the weekly tradition by his fifth or sixth birthday, but for now, it just seems right.

Today's a biggie. It's Will's fourth Friday. That seems like a major milestone, so no ordinary Hulk or Spongebob birthday hats will do. His grandmother from Maine is in town for the occasion, which may necessitate sneaking streamers or cake past the nurses.

He's made some great strides, and most days, it doesn't seem like a month. We get so preoccupied with carbon-dioxide levels, the race to 3 pounds, and oxygen counts that we sometimes forget how far he's come in so short a time. Of course, there's little time for reflection. We barely even have time these days to do our own laundry (thanks Grandma Clem!) clean (thanks again!) or cook (send casseroles).

We still dont know why Will is so small or what that means for the future. Doctors have yet to even broach the subject of when he may come home. We still wince when we see phrases on medical charts such as "dysmorphic premature male," as we did yesterday to our chagrin.

Now, though, when we say we'll deal with whatever it is and love the hell out of him, we can do so with more conviction. That's been our mantra from the start, but with each day, it becomes easier and we're able to be even more certain of it.

So get ready to party like a 2-year-old tonight, Will. We love you. Keep living up to that proud name of yours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyday,as soon as I can I click on to see how that little guy of yours is doing,I finish reading after a few tears a few smiles lots of admiration for the way you both continue to handle all the incoming medical situtions and Will's strong will! So much love rolls off those pages I read daily......thank-you for sharing.
These little ones come into our lives & no matter the cicumstances of thier arrival,we are forever changed & blessed.
After I click off I then say prayers for all of you.......Kathy Greco

1:44 AM  

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