Friday, November 19, 2004

Tiny titan

He may have a genetic condition and still can't breathe on his own, but one thing is becoming clear: Our kid can beat up all the other preemies in the ICU.

We always knew Will was tough. Heck, we gave him a literal name because we took a hard look at him and knew he wasn't a Henry. We thought he had a strong force of will and hoped he had a will to live, but we're continually surprised at how much power is concentrated in a 3 lb, 3 oz. package.

And not just metaphoric, "Oooh, he has such a hold on our heart," power either. Will's a little Schwarzenegger. When he's mad, he extends his arms and legs onto the bed and does push-ups. He kicks like a pack mule and can practically hurl himself out of his nest. Tonight, he lifted his head in rage for about 20 minutes. He's getting so good at yanking his ventilator tubes that nurses are threatening to cover his hands with socks and cotton balls to prevent him from escaping.

They're encouraging signs, and give us hope Will will make it off the ventilator. They also reinforce that we aren't in control of any of this, and sometimes, that's OK.

Like a lot of expectant fathers, I spent a lot of time during the pregnancy planning my son's life. He'd be bookish, funny, athletic, conscientious, and a progressive son of the world. He'd read smart kid magazines like Cricket and World, learn Greek mythology, regularly travel to Detroit to learn there's more to life than our lily-white suburb and be too busy collecting bugs, playing soccer and baseball to care about the UM-MSU rivarly (our kid was going to Brown anyway.)

That's what I wanted. Will was born with what he needs: A powerful spirit and brute strength to endure this horrible hospital stuff.

That's the last thing I would have expected a few months ago. Now, it seems like more than enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All three of you have unbelievable strenght,its a lot to endure........you have much love and sounds like great support to help.......keeping postive thoughts and prayers for you.
Kathy Greco

12:49 PM  

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