Thursday, November 11, 2004

Kissy kissy time

Seven days after making the leap for the third time from the ventilator to the CPAP, our little guy is slowly taking one more step forward: He's testing his wings on a nasal canula.

The doctors have decided to let Will go off the CPAP (the breathing device with big tubes and prongs that wedge into Will's nose) for two hours a day to see how he does on the canula. A canula is a little tube that plugs into the nose and supplies supplemental oxygen (or the tube old guys wear in casinos, as Joel describes it). It's a step down from the CPAP and the last help preemies are usually given before they fully breathe on their own.

I held Will for the first time Wednesday while he was on the nasal canula and he did great. His levels remained steady and he sucked away the entire time on his pacifier. As happy as Will was to lay in my arms and sleep, I was thrilled because I could actually touch his face and kiss his cheeks and head without worrying about dislodging CPAP tubes or wiring.

The plan is to gradually increase the amount of time Will spends on the canula and off the CPAP until he's entirely on the canula. Joel and I don't want to rush him though because if he's pushed too quickly he could backslide and that's the last thing we want. As Joel and I keep telling ourselves, one day at a time!


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