Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Everything stinks

We're all a bit cranky this morning.

Bush is still president. We didn't get any sleep. The cats kept us awake all night and, compounding our misery, Joel's car was stolen Tuesday night, swiped from the street right under the vigilant eye of Detroit News security.

As bad as all that stuff is -- and it's all crummy -- Will's day could may soon get worse.

Despite our pleas and an earlier plan to plump him up, Will is going to return to the C-PAP at 1 p.m. today. Those are the oxygen tubes that snake through his nose toward his sinus cavity. Preemies hate 'em. Will has been on it twice and gone off it twice. Both times he lasted a day or two.

The C-PAP is a necesary step toward breathing on his own, and in some ways its a sign of progress. His ventilator settings are now so low that it's practically pumping the same air we all breathe into his lungs, rather than oxygen-rich stuff.

But we fear he's being rushed onto the C-PAP and will unncessarily suffer before returning to the ventilator. That seemed to be his pattern before. We just don't want our little guy to suffer. It was so hard before seeing his tiny lungs labor up and down as he gasped for air on the C-PAP, and it's such a traumatic experience to have those tubes shoved up your nose.

We're trying to stay optimistic, but we'd be happier if they gave him a few more days of free and easy breathing on the ventilator. He's been so cute lately, so alert and seemingly happy, and we dread upsetting him because of a capricious decision.

Hope has gotten us this far, though, so I suppose that's all we can do. Given his track record lately, though, we wouldn't recommend standing too close to Joel.


Blogger Geoff Heffner said...

Congrats guys. I was able to check out the website today and thought I would throw in my thoughts. Ever since I've heard about Will you've been in my prayers. It's exciting to hear that he's slowly getting weaned off the ventilator... that's a huge step! I'll look forward to future postings I'll make this short for now. I can only imagine how exhausted you are.

1:15 AM  

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