Friday, November 05, 2004

Cigars and sunsets

Funny thing about having a child in ICU: You see signs everywhere. Not much really changes, day to day, so your mind wanders. All of a sudden, you're finding metaphors in rainbows, stolen cars and macaroni and cheese.

The Red Sox win it all... Will's gonna do great! ... Joel's car is stolen ... We're cursed! ... Look, a pretty sunset... Everything's going to be just fine!

So it was yesterday that Mo and Joel found themselves with clenched teeth, trading insults while Will huffed and puffed on the C-PAP, hopefully oblivious to his parents' spectacle.

We know it's ridiculous, but we've clung to a fantastic Polaroid that a nurse took of Will the other day. He looked huge. His bright eyes beamed. His red hair looked vivacious. We've taken 100 digital pictures of him and none compares.

Mo cherished the photo. She took it everywhere. It was one of the few tangible reminders of her son she could take from the hospital. Joel lost it in three days.

Long story, but it slipped behind a crack in a dry erase board in his room. We tried everything to extricate that sucker, but to no avail. Mo was crushed and used colorful language to describe her disappointment. Joel drove to Detroit that night to fetch from his desk another Polaroid taken by the same nurse.

It was almost as good, but not the same thing. It was hard not to view the loss as a bad omen.

Well, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Despite losing the photo, Will isn't falling through the cracks. Quite the opposite. Since going on the C-PAP on Wednesday, he's done great. His breathing isn't labored. His carbon dioxide levels are great. He's producing platelets (that blood stuff that allows blood to clot) like a workhorse. And he's within striking distance of 3 pounds, weighing in this morning at 1335, just a hair shy of 1361.

We know things could still go south in a hurry and he may have to return to the ventilator, but
we're already so proud of him. It's corny, but his example makes us want to be better parents and better people ... even if we still occasionally call each other "klutzes" or "nasty lady."

One final note: We haven't posted any photos in a while because we've had some network problems. Hopefully, we'll soon find a remedy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the photo and car...that is awful.
Glad Will is progressing... having a baby is just a beautiful blessing...cherish your gift.

4:20 PM  

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