Monday, November 15, 2004

3 pounds o' poems

Finally. The poetry slam has been enjoined. After many subtle hints about Will's love of nursery rhymes and Shel Silverstein, someone unrelated to him has met the challenge and put pen to verse.

Our pal Charlie "Chuckles" Wollborg has graciously written a poem for our little fellah. It was intended as a lyrical encouragement to crack the 3-pound barrier. Now, that Will is officially 3 pounds, 1 oz., it's more of a nostalgic ode to those long-ago days of early November.

We like it a lot. It's a welcome addition to "Hillbilly Lawyer" and "Will Loves Dill," whose links are provided below.

The race to 3 pounds
It's the strangest thing you'd ever believe
If you've known a pair like these
A man and a woman who both loved food
And anything smothered in cheese
They'd run and they'd sweat
And swing and they'd cuss
And still gain weight with ease
So they'd diet and try it without a side of ranch
Or eat anything that they'd please
So wouldn't you know it their first is born
Just as the Sox beat the Yank-ees
A tiny li'l boy with the heart of a lion
And a Will of a Bengalese
He stepped out of the womb/Just a bit too soon
And would need a little expertise
To pack on a pound, get his feet on the ground
And breathe without a wheeze
It's funny to think how little things
Change the way we always believe
Where once we tried the freshmen 15 to hide,
We now look forward to the "threes"
And now we wait each day to read their blog of journalese
To see if our favorite 2 pound-15 ouncer
Has finally decided to appease

Thanks again, Wollborg. As always, more poems are welcome. Will is a Libra after all. And you know Libras are sensitive souls.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go, Will! Keep packing on the ounces!

Way to go, Charlie! We know Will loves poems (and so do all the rest of us) and you're spurring us on to greater efforts. We have some things in the works . . .

Love to all from Grandma Kurth

8:42 AM  
Blogger Hedricks said...

I'm not the clever writer type, so won't embarrass myself by putting my poetry online but certainly enjoy everyone else's efforts. Keep plugging, Will (love that name!). Joel, you were born a journalist.

5:57 PM  

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