Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Nursery rhymes

Maybe it's all the talk of curds and whey, songs of sixpence or farmers in the dell, but the thought occurred to me while reading Mother Goose to Will: This stuff doesn't make much sense.

Oh sure. The sing-songy rhythms are soothing. Some punchlines are funny, like George Porgie running from the boys or the maid in the meadow telling the flirtatious traveler to take a hike. But a lot of them are as relevant as reading random telephone numbers.

So we're writing our own. Here's a link to one I wrote that my brother, Steve, illustrated.


Here's another one we're working on:
The Greedy Milkman
There once was a greedy milkman
Whose wife needed a face lift
Her morning eyes stayed awake all day
If you catch my subtle drift

And so the greedy milkman
Hatched a sinister scheme
He doubled the price of cheese
And quadrupled it for cream

Such inflated prices
For stuff like bagels and lox
Gave his wife cheek tucks
And weekly shots of Botox

But nothing lasts forever
And soon clients got the hint
Now the milkman’s customers
Are all lactose intolerant

Poor greedy milkman
The Botox is all gone
And now your wife’s face sags
Worse than Michael Jackson


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