Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Feeding has commenced

Good news.

After a surplus of mother's milk banned us from the hospital deep-freeze and forced a frenzied rearranging of frozen dinners and peas in our freezer to accommodate mini bottles, Will began feeding on Monday.

A tube takes the milk into his stomach. It's an encouraging sign, but one we're careful not to get too excited about. Preemies have underdeveloped stomachs, so it's not unusual for them to go on and off feeding tubes repeatedly before getting it right.

Going on and off respirators also isn't uncommon. After breathing through tubes in his nose for a few days last week, Will went back on a respirator Thursday. He's responded well. The oxygen they're pumping into him is basically the same stuff we breathe, not the inflated levels he was receiving last week. Doctors are planning on returning him to nose tubes (C-PAP) tomorrow morning.

Bottom line: Will is heading in the right direction.

Now, onto the really important news: Kindly Dr. Daniel Batton, the head of neonatology, has heard Joel's pleas and allowed us to bring in a small radio or battery-operated TV so Will can hear the final out when the Red Sox win the World Series.

We know the risks of flouting fate by making such arrangements, but we're that confident (foolhardy?)


Blogger steve_kurth said...

Nice job Will! And hooray for good doctor Batton!!

1:45 PM  

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