Monday, October 25, 2004

Daily updates

Want to eradicate cliches from your vocabulary? Don't have a sick child in ICU. Because all of a sudden, a whole lot seem to apply.

Will's progress is a marathon, not a sprint. We're taking one day at a time. Success is measured in weeks and months, not days and minutes. Things are out of our hands. Will's a little fighter. Good things always come in small packages. All cats are gray in the dark (except Jack.)

Ten days after his tumultuous birth, Will is doing fine, his parents are a little less shell-shocked and the numbing reality that this is going to be a long process is setting in.

Some days are good. Some days are so-so. Most days, nothing much changes. Will's oxygen levels may go up or down, so too his carbon dioxide or his platelettes. Tests show he has a complete set of chromosones, but may still have a genetic condion that may not reveal itself until he grows older.

On the whole, Will has much in common with Boca Raton retirees: What he wants most in life is to lie around, puff on his oxygen straw and be left alone. Rumor has it he also likes good deals on breakfast buffets. Like the Bermuda shorts set, Will comes about it honestly: He wouldn't be doing a lot of goo-goo ga'ing right now if he was still in the womb.

That's what we have to remember. For all the worries, long hours, lousy hospital food and sheer panic whenever the phone rings after 9 PM, we're thankful for a gift few others have: Bonus time with our son. It's amazing how therapeutic a simple hand on his tiny back can be or how easy it is to spend an hour in amazement watching a tiny chest breathe softly.

We're also thankful for everyone's support and interest. We'll try to post updates, anecdotes, observations, nursery rhymes and other silliness regularly in this space.


Blogger steve_kurth said...

Thanks for taking the time to set up this blog. I know that you have plenty on your plate without worrying about us. I really appreciate the effort to set it up.

1:43 PM  
Blogger beth said...

Thanks for going out of your way to do this! We're appreciative of every scrap of information we can get, so it means a lot to have this to check in on.

Miss you guys.

5:08 PM  
Blogger EricM said...

Joel & Mo...
Will is a lucky young man to have parents like you both. Jody and I can truly appreciate your position and you both are handling this perfectly. Welcome to parenthood.........

xo Eric

9:30 PM  

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